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West Africa Tourism is a travel and tourism association, dedicated to the development and promotion of tourism in west and central Africa
The region is blessed with great weather, warm and friendly cultures, amazing wildlife, scenery, stunning beaches and outstanding historic sites.

  • West Africa Tourism can help you to find and prepare your ideal visit to Africa
  • It gives its members a platform to promote their products, network and create new business opportunities.


  • To present to the world, West Africa’s Tourism attractions and potentials with a view to encouraging international and regional business investments into the sector, to generate an increase in the in-bound traffic into the African region; projecting her naturally endowed beauty, culture and history as top Tourist destination.
  • To offer travellers information,
  • Offer the trade members marketing, PR and networking opportunities 

West Africa Tourism members represent a wide range of expertise, including tourist boards, airlines, hotel groups, resorts, tour operators, car hire companies, representation, PR and marketing companies, telecommunication, financial services, etc.

West Africa Tourism is a non-profit organisation, managed by a committee of tourism experts and professionals that have passionately served the region for several years.

West Africa – An Overview

West Africa is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the south and west, and Sahara desert in the north. To the east, countries of central Africa wedge the region into a diversity of inter-relating cultures and people. It occupies an area of 5 million sq kms. Steeped in history and filled with countless resources, there are general similarities in dress, cuisine, music and culture that are not shared extensively with groups outside the geographic region. This long history of cultural exchange predates the colonization era of the region and can be approximately placed at the time of the Ghana Empire (the proper name at the time being Wagadou Empire), Mali Empire or perhaps before such empires.

The places common to all destinations and which tourists should work into their schedules for a visit to the region are the markets, beaches, wildlife parks or reserves, old settlements and buildings, natural sites (like mountains and waterfalls) and slave relic sites.

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